The Crawfords on Austin Street, 2014

The Crawfords on Austin Street, 2014

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Caitlin Crawford founded Austin Street Skincare (formerly Apothecary) in 2012. Located in the heart of Denton, TX, her young family spent many golden hours on foot in their neighborhood on Austin Street, where friends were neighbors and rosemary bushes grew on every corner. It was during this sweet, slow-paced season that Caitlin felt a deep sense of connectedness and a desire for simplicity beginning to grow.

While exploring healthy, planet-conscious practices related to food and agriculture, Caitlin concluded if the body is best nourished by good food, the skin is best nourished by good ingredients. Her sensitive, often reactive complexion required thoughtful, gentle care, and, ever the researcher, she went to work. Several of her interests began to align, most notably an appreciation of the natural world and a desire for experimentation and creativity- it was in the marriage of science and art that Austin Street Skincare was born.

Inspired by the tradition of early American herbal apothecaries, the beauty of raw natural ingredients, the alchemy of plant essences and extracts, and the simple joy brought by a well made thing, Austin Street is a small home studio offering handcrafted, natural skincare rooted in beauty, connection, and care.

All photography by Jillian Zamora Photography.