New Mama Set

New Mama Set

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Our New Mama Gift Set is a lovely way to celebrate new life and the beauty of motherhood!

Bump Balm is a thick, highly nutritive all-over moisturizer designed to soften and soothe a pregnant mama’s growing belly, hips, thighs, and breasts and discourage stretch marks.

Baby Butter is a creamy, deeply nourishing salve that’s handcrafted to impart serious moisture to dry, inflamed, or irritated skin. Uses include all-over moisturizer for tender skin, treatment for diaper rash, bug bites, scrapes, and minor burns, and nipple balm for nursing mothers.

Baby Oil is a gentle, richly hydrating liquid lotion that makes an excellent, fast-absorbing moisturizer, massage oil, baby acne and cradle cap treatment, and facial oil for sensitive adult skin.

Please see individual listings for full descriptions of each product.

Available in full size or sample size gift set.

Though our ingredients are extremely gentle, baby's skin can be very sensitive. Please conduct a patch test before beginning regular use. Keep out of baby's reach.

These products contain shea butter and apricot kernel oil. If you have a tree nut allergy or sensitivity please do not use these products.

Please ensure that skin has completely absorbed butter, balm, and oil before coming into contact with linens and fabrics as there is a possibility that the beneficial oils might stain.

Handcrafted in Denton, TX!

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